A buck hoist construction elevator on a high-rise buildingBuck hoists and construction elevators are essential for efficiently and safely moving workers and materials up and down the side of a building. Options include single-car, dual-car, and high-speed models for buildings over 50 stories tall.

Scaffolding Solutions will design, install, maintain, and tear down a buck hoist on your job site. Our decades of experience and stellar safety record allow us to undertake and complete any size project. Contact us below for a quote.

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About Construction Elevators & Buck Hoists

Buck hoists, also known as construction elevators, are typically used for new construction projects and high-rise buildings. The standard car size is 5 feet x 13 feet, can move up to 177 ft. per minute, and has a 7,100-pound weight limit.

A dual buck hoist (two cars) might make more sense depending on your size, height, and project requirements. For buildings over 500 feet tall, a high-speed buck hoist is ideal for quickly getting workers and materials where they need to go.

Each construction elevator setup consists of the following components:

  • Car
  • Track
  • Drive system
  • Dedicated operator
  • Multiple safety systems
  • Meet or exceed ANSI 10.4 and other standards
  • Concrete pad

We’ll supply the buck hoist, landing door, intercom system, and required monthly maintenance. If your building has narrow areas higher up, we can also design a custom landing deck or common scaffolding deck platform. In this case, we would build the scaffolding out to match the elevator line.

Scaffolding Solutions uses the highly-rated Alimak Buck Hoists for their performance, reliability, and safety. Our Professional Engineers (PE) design and rigorously test the buck hoist in our shop and then once again on the job site. We also perform a drop test to ensure the braking and other safety systems work as intended.

The buck hoist may require state and local permits, which we will handle so that your project manager can focus efforts on the job site. 

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Construction Elevator & Buck Hoist Advantages

Buck hoists and construction elevators offer multiple advantages over other types of construction elevators:

Multiple Safety Features

Safety is the top priority for any construction elevator or buck hoist installation job. Automatic brakes, limit switches, safety hatches, and heavy-duty cages are a few of the many features that allow for safe and reliable operation.

It Can Be Used at Any Height

A typical height for a standard (single-car) buck hoist is between 10 to 50 stories. However, you can still use a buck hoist on a building shorter than 10 stories. If the height reaches 15 levels, consider a dual hoist (two cars) to speed up movement. 50+ story buildings will often require a high-speed buck hoist.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Construction elevators prevent the need for costly cranes and other equipment. They allow you to get materials and workers up and down quickly and easily. You’ll also be able to remove construction debris much more efficiently.

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Alimak Construction Elevators 

Alimak Construction ElevatorsScaffolding Solutions uses Alimak buck hoists, which are widely considered best-in-class.

Features include: 

  • Tried and tested technology
  • Multiple safety features
  • Wide range of speeds and car sizes
  • Single or dual car options
  • Multiple certifications (ANSI 10.4 and others)

Contact us for more information on Alimak construction elevators and the value they’ll add to your job site.

Why Work With Scaffolding Solutions?

There are many benefits to letting Scaffolding Solutions supply a buck hoist for your next project:

New Equipment—We have one of the newest fleets in the Southeast. You won’t get decades-old equipment when we show up at your job site.

Brand-Name Components—We only work with best-in-class manufacturers, such as Alimak, BetaMax, and Altrex.

Great Safety Record—Safety is our #1 priority. We assign each job a dedicated project and safety manager. We were recently awarded the Diamond Level Safety rating from ABC Step.

Ability to Turnkey the Project—Many of our competitors put up hoists, cranes, or scaffolding, but not many can do both the scaffolding and the hoist. At Scaffolding Solutions, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.

On-Time Installation & Teardown—We understand that time is money in the construction industry so when we say we’ll show up at a specific time, you can count on us to do just that. We also offer 24/7 emergency support and response.

Safe and Efficient Buck Hoists

At Scaffolding Solutions, we have over 20 years of experience helping construction companies get workers and materials safely and efficiently to height. Our strong commitment to safety and transparent customer service will provide peace of mind knowing you hired the right company for the job.

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The team at Scaffold Solutions really got me out of a bind this past week. Set-up scaffold on Saturday morning and came back Sunday morning to take it back down. Communication was great, speed and safety were excellent and price was fair. I appreciate the solid communication and follow-up from their team and they did a great job helping me get the steel installed in the elevator shaft. Thank you!
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor
I recently had my fourth floor loft terrace enclosed. Scaffolding Solutions, LLC is the only choice you need to ensure your project is successful! Frank Giuliano visited my home and assessed the area, then coordinated with the Patio Enclosure installation manager to build a custom design that was efficient for the project. Frank’s customer service was remarkable. He constantly communicated updates and I felt very comfortable contacting him with any questions. The scaffolding crew only took one day to assemble and disassemble the scaffold without incident. They were pleasant, professional and respectful of my property. Hands down this was the best experience and I definitely recommend Scaffolding Solutions, LLC.
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Giselle Allen
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Andi Lopez
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Great company and innovative scaffolds!
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The best service and competitive pricing!
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Tony Bullock
Scaffolding Solutions... All I can say is "WOW". I was impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and efficiency of the complete experience.