Suspended platforms allow your work crews to safely and quickly get to the correct elevation when cleaning windows. Suspended scaffolding is ideal for lightweight applications where variable heights are required, including window washing.

At Scaffolding Solutions, we’ll provide you with a safe and durable suspended scaffolding system for your needs.

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About Suspended Platform Scaffolding

High-rise window cleaning platforms allow window washers to safely and efficiently perform their job in areas a traditional scaffold cannot. While each office building window cleaning system is slightly different, they all consist of the following:

  • A working platform that’s wide and long enough for workers to safely perform their job and store their window-washing equipment
  • Hoist motor
  • Heavy-duty wires that raise and lower the aerial work platform
  • Multiple safety features

Choosing the proper window-washing scaffolding will help to ensure increased productivity and improved worker morale. The motor and other components should allow for quick, easy, and thorough maintenance.

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Advantages of Window Washing Platforms

Using window cleaning platforms offer many distinct advantages over a rigid scaffolding system:

  • Safer
  • Allows workers to perform their jobs more efficiently
  • Multiple redundant safety features built-in
  • Able to move location more easily than other types of scaffolding
  • Easily maintainable

Safe Window Washing at Height

When your crews are working at height, safety is of utmost concern. That’s why we offer only the highest quality products and the most secure scaffolding systems.

When choosing the right scaffolding for your window washing needs, keep the following priorities in mind.

Length of platforms needed

If you need wider platforms to reach each floor, you’ll need to ensure they’re configured to handle the length required. For instance, the Altrex platforms we offer are rated for different lengths depending on the stirrups used and the chosen model.


All components used in your scaffolding system must be rated for the weights you’ll be transporting. Window washing typically doesn’t involve massive loads like construction or heavy industrial applications. However, you still need to ensure your hoists, anchors, and platforms can withstand the weight of your personnel and equipment.

Safety features

Additional safety features, such as railings, emergency stopping mechanisms, and fall arrest systems, are necessary when working at height. The best modern swing stage scaffolding components come equipped with superior safety features that allow your crew to feel as secure as possible.

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Bee Access Hoists 

Scaffolding Solutions provides customers with Bee Access traction hoists, which are state-of-the-art hoists with many safety features. Bee Access hoists such as the BISOMAC308 will safely transport your crew and tools to the needed elevations.

Features offered by Bee Access hoists include:

  • Full compliance with international safety standards, including CSA and UL
  • Optional slack rope device
  • Emergency stops and levers
  • Robust, durable design
  • Simple construction for easy routine maintenance
  • Load-bearing capacity ranging between 750 and 1250 pounds

Contact us for information on how Bee Access hoists make your swing stage scaffolding more secure.

Altrex Platforms

In conjunction with Bee Access hoists, we offer internationally renowned Altrex platforms. Each platform is designed and precisely calibrated for maximum strength and stability. Models MHB 60 and MHB 80 offer both solid weight-bearing capabilities and modularity.

  • MHB 60 platforms are rated for up to 21 meters of length and are fully modular.
  • MHB 80 has fewer modularity options but is stronger and rated for up to 26 meters.

Contact us for information on how Altrex platforms can make your swing stage scaffolding more secure.

Why Work with Scaffolding Solutions?

There are many benefits to letting Scaffolding Solutions supply your window cleaner scaffold:

On-Time Installation & Teardown—We take punctuality seriously. You can count on us to keep our word when we say we’ll show up at a specific time. We offer 24/7 emergency response and support to be there when you need us most.

Impeccable Safety Record—We take safety very seriously and were recently awarded the Diamond Level Safety rating from ABC Step. We assign a dedicated project and safety manager for every job we undertake to maintain our impeccable safety track record.

Brand-Name Components—We only carry top-name components to ensure increased longevity and the safety of your work crews. Trusted and respected brands that we carry include Bee Access, Altrex, and BetaMax.

Decades of Experience—We’ve completed a diverse range of products over the decades, many of which required unique solutions. We employ long-time employees and engineers with experience in many different industries. Simply put—we deliver expert engineering and design solutions to your most challenging access problems.

Safe and Efficient Window Washing Platforms

Scaffolding Solutions provides the perfect window washing platforms for contractors, businesses, and building owners. With our commitment to safety, integrity, and professionalism, we’ll help you design the ideal system for your application.

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The team at Scaffold Solutions really got me out of a bind this past week. Set-up scaffold on Saturday morning and came back Sunday morning to take it back down. Communication was great, speed and safety were excellent and price was fair. I appreciate the solid communication and follow-up from their team and they did a great job helping me get the steel installed in the elevator shaft. Thank you!
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor
I recently had my fourth floor loft terrace enclosed. Scaffolding Solutions, LLC is the only choice you need to ensure your project is successful! Frank Giuliano visited my home and assessed the area, then coordinated with the Patio Enclosure installation manager to build a custom design that was efficient for the project. Frank’s customer service was remarkable. He constantly communicated updates and I felt very comfortable contacting him with any questions. The scaffolding crew only took one day to assemble and disassemble the scaffold without incident. They were pleasant, professional and respectful of my property. Hands down this was the best experience and I definitely recommend Scaffolding Solutions, LLC.
Giselle Allen
Giselle Allen
el lugar luce muy bonito, la atención muy amable
Muy bueno
Andi Lopez
Andi Lopez
Fantastic company
i love the work they did at DC
Matthew Aleman
Matthew Aleman
Great company and innovative scaffolds!
Jose Pietri
Jose Pietri
The best service and competitive pricing!
Diana DuVall
Diana DuVall
I work here
Tony Bullock
Tony Bullock
Scaffolding Solutions... All I can say is "WOW". I was impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and efficiency of the complete experience.